Crew With A Plan

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The product was perfume, the client was Emper, and our crew went all out in creativity.

You can’t simply achieve the creativity I’m about to mention; you have to know things, and work with what you’ve got when money doesn’t provide the solution.

Crew With A Plan

What do you do when you want to avoid a standard cliché and create a context out of a black and orange designed perfume? Manage to find a location with the exact same design, but ofcourse!!!

Suspending from the ceiling is the perfume bottle itself, blending so very well with our hot shot maze-looking location. Down to the minute, square inch of the word precision, that bottle had to be placed so well relative to the background and camera angle, it literally looked like an inserted puzzle piece.

So basically whatever story we draw up from there becomes the cherry on top, because we’ve got an entire studio built up for Emper’s perfume, Address. Atleast, you’d think we did!

Can you picture it? Keep taps of the video on our website, and be amazed with the maze.


Blog written by : Esraa AbouShahin (Production Assistant – Macmillan Adam)

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