• Hamish Adam

    Managing Director

    Hamish is the boss, founder, owner, writer, auteur, visionary. Or so he believes. On a good day he leads the team to glory. On a bad day he just makes the coffee. That’s the production business.

  • Carl Greiner

    Director and Editor

    Carl is South African. But he’s not just South African. He’s also one of the nicest people you could possibly hope to meet. And on top of that he’s an absolutely outstanding Director.and Editor.

  • Mario Sioco

    Production Manager

    Mario is equally at home in both post-production and production environments. He has a talent for efficiently progressing jobs at high speed. Good to have around. Particularly on a shoot.

  • Sam Thomas

    Senior Editor

    Sam has been with Macmillan Adam the longest. He knows where all the skeletons are buried. And, more importantly, where all the master tapes are. He’s a great Editor and a pretty useful Maya Animator too.

  • Calvin Pinto

    Production Manager

    All Calvins are cool. Klein, Coolidge. Our Calvin is particularly cool. He loves production. Really loves it. And production seems to love him. Can’t put a foot wrong. We’re all deeply suspicious.

  • Jane

    Post-Production Manager

    Jane is not only educated, but was actually once a teacher. She saw the error of her ways and now she looks after post-production, and a lot more besides. Ultra helpful.

  • Jaffar Vazeer


    Jaffar is our Mr Fix-it. Someone has to be. He does what no-one else can do; like all the government work and sourcing things that no-one else can find. Jaffar is the guy that gets things done.

  • Christina Bruce


    Christina advises and cajoles, suggests and takes the longer, broader view of what clients want and need.

  • Dheen Khalathingial

    Director of Photography

    Dheen is our Director of Photography. He runs the camera unit and looks after sound recording and lighting. He’s an ultra calm guy on set.

  • Hakkim Basha

    Assistant Cameraman

    When he’s not doing 180 kilometers an hour in a stolen Cadillac down the Santa Monica Freeway being chased by the cops, Hakkim is also a very good Camera Assistant. And PS3 player as well.

  • Rency Philip

    Cameraman / Editor

    Rency is the consummate all-rounder. Scores century's, bowls wicket maidens. That sort of thing. In our world that translates into an Editor who is also Cameraman.

  • Suhail

    Camera Assistant

    Loves the business. Don’t we all. But Suhail loves it a lot. Almost as much as Hakkim. Which is saying something.

  • Joyce


    It’s nice to be greeted by a smiling Joyce. Everyone says so. Joyce is so bright and cheerful we’ve had to install dimmers on the lighting in Reception.

  • Rafiq

    Production Support

    Rafiq is a Macmillan Adam ‘Toofer’ because with him you get a two-for-one; he’s actually worked for us twice. With an extremely relaxing holiday in between. But he felt compelled to re-join us. Hence ‘Toofer’. We like the sound of ‘Toofer’. You probably get that.

  • Chris

    IT Coordinator

    If any of us knew what Chris does, we probably wouldn’t need to employ someone like him. But we don’t, so we do. Loves ones and zeros. You know the type.

  • Kanmani


    Mani knows his way around. He knows secret routes around town. He can get from here to there and back again faster than anyone else on the planet.